White Jasmine Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream

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Unique Patented Design – The World Most Comforting QQ Soft Cat Paw Design 
Dry hands?  CATISS White Jasmine Hand&Nail cream's got your back!  Fresh jasmine scent keeps these hands refreshing! 
A non-greasy yet ultra-nourishing and moisturizing hand and nail cuticle skin cream. It helps to nourish, smooth and restore dry, cracked and chapped skin.  Formulated with Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins, which is rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and lecithin offers nutrients that effectively keep hands and cuticles protected and improved moisture.
Keep them at home and another on the go … to keep those hands soft with refreshing jasmine scent (you never know when you’ll be hand-holding!)  

Key Features : 

🌼 Fresh Jasmine scent for refreshing touch

🐾 Patented Unique Soft QQ Cat Paw Design Cap, 

🐾 Fine Detail Cat Paw Design offers real touch and feel.

🐾 Fast absorption with nourishing and moisturizing.

🐾 All-in-one, dual care double action, keeping hand & nail skins and cuticles hydrated, moisturized and  healthy.

🐾 Press-able, true-feel cat's paw with comforting and relaxing touch on-the-go, like your fav furbulous cats is around you all day long

🐾 Apply gently creating a thin layer with ultra strong locking hydration

    Star Ingredients : 

    🌱 Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein🌱 Squalane 🌱 Laminaria Ochroleuca (Algae) Extract 🌱Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil 🌱 Salvia Sclarea (Sage) Extract 🌱 Shea Butter 🌱

    Patent No :  TWD183300S / TWD182185S

    Caution : If there’s any swelling, itching, irritation and other allergic symptoms, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor