2021 Monde Selection Silver Award - CATISS Cat Paw Lip Balm

Monde Selection Quality Selections Press Release 2021

Brussels, April 2021

Catiss Cat Palm Lip Balm - Tortoiseshell Cat Berry Flavor (Color Awakening) is granted a 2021 Silver Quality Award from Monde Selection, one of the leading International Quality Institutes led by a panel of 80 independent experts.

 Catiss is delighted to announce that it has been granted an exceptional Silver Quality Award for Catiss Cat Palm Lip Balm-Tortoiseshell Cat Berry Flavor (Color Awakening) by the prestigious Quality Institute Monde Selection.This award guarantees that the quality of the product has been tested and approved by a professional jury under rigorous evaluation procedures and strict criteria.

Celebrating 60 years of experience, Monde Selection has established itself as a leading authority in the quality evaluation of consumer products based on organoleptic and scientific parameters. The evaluation process is carried out by a jury of highly qualified experts composed of university lecturers, chemical engineers and cosmetic specialists.

Monde Selection’s independent experts are entrusted the task of verifying that the intrinsic qualities of the product communicated to the consumer by the producer are scientifically accurate and that the product contains enough active ingredients to achieve the effect it claims. The experts also assess the accuracy of the information provided to consumers such as the list of ingredients, claims, active substance content, instructions for use, required conditions of use and absence of adverse side effects.

The current global situation did not stop over a thousand companies from 90 countries to submit more than 3,100 products in this year’s World Quality Selections.

«Receiving a Monde Selection Quality Award is an amazing accomplishment coveted by all producers and companies committed to the continuous quest for the best quality results. The blue and gold seal of quality is a powerful instrument to encourage producers all over the world to earn the trust of professional buyers and guide consumers in their purchasing choices,» comments Managing Director Dimitri Delloye.