About Us

CATISS   Cat & Kiss Collaboration A beauty care brand founded by cat lovers, dedicated its happiness to share with the world

We are a group of cat lovers who dedicated to use eco- and pets-friendly materials for highest-quality product development.  CATISS to offer visual appealing, culture, and exceptional beauty care product and service.

CATISS is a modern beauty-care brand that was established in 2016, based in Taiwan. Our founder, Amanda, has been fascinated by cats ever since she found and adopted “BaoBao”. The brand was inspired by “BaoBao”,  denying kiss by pushing away her lips with soft paw.   With her product design background, Amanda found a perfect collaboration combining both the soft paw and daily use lip balm together as one. CATISS offers a full range of products with the mission of loving cats, and dedicate to live confidently and beautifully like cat does.